Scientifically accurate findings

Providing professional science-focused cutting edge technology and data services that support agriculture sustainability.



Shared knowledge is the first step to cultivating meaningful change towards sustainable agricultural practices worldwide. We work with farmers, ecosystem service markets, supply chains, crop insurance teams, and others to cultivate accurate and accessible data on how regenerative agricultural practices can positively impact both business and environmental outcomes.

Cutting-edge technology

OpTIS and DNDC, our technology data services, use satellite data and soil process models to build a historical database on agricultural practices and associated outcomes – the magnitude of which has never before been available to stakeholders or producers in the agricultural sector.


We are dedicated scientists, engineers, and analysts with a passion for making a positive difference for the environment – and the expertise to make it happen. Our team has decades of combined experience in environmental data services, with more to come as we grow our team of scientists, analysts, and engineers.


We don’t take the impact of our data services and their practical implementation lightly. That’s why our design and services are based on evidence gathered through rigorous testing and evaluation. We approach every project with precision and efficiency. Our attention to detail, thorough testing, and continuous innovation rise to meet the environmental and economic challenges that we stand with the agricultural community to face.

Sustainable principles

Dagan’s mission to support resilient agricultural practices came from a concern for our planet’s ability to grow food into the future. The scientific evidence in support of climate change is clear, and we stand with farmers to identify straightforward adjustments that can be made to sustain long-term crop and soil health. Today’s farmers provide a tremendous value to our planet and global society – that’s why our data services are designed for efficiency and scalability, supporting farmers and farming stakeholders in their efforts to maximize impact and profitability.

The goal of long-term global sustainability drives every decision that we make at Dagan.



How can our data services help your company, supply chain, or service market?

Agriculture Environmental Outcomes

Based on existing soil conditions, weather, and management, DNDC can provide field-based estimates of changes to soil carbon, greenhouse gas emissions, and reactive nitrogen levels. This data is key to understanding and predicting future environmental outcomes of current agriculture practices.

Agriculture Management Practices

Using remote sensing observations, OpTIS can provide estimates of how long tillage practices, cover cropping, and crop rotations have been used on a particular parcel of land over time. This data can explain current agriculture challenges and inform solutions for sustainable, healthy crops.


With the data collected through OpTIS and DNDC, our analytics offer farm-level assessments of a wide variety of opportunities and risks associated with management decisions. These assessments aim to maximize profitability and minimize environmental impact.